I (finally) started a blog!

It's 1am... I probably should be studying for my upcoming exams, or packing for my holiday tomorrow, or better yet, catching up on sleep. Instead, after a while of deliberating and being too nervous to start, I am finally writing my first ever blog post. But before diving straight into posting endless recipes and life experiences I wanted to share with you why I wanted to start this blog.

Starting this blog became a passion project of mine fueled by the more recent changes I've made to my life.

  • I started the third year of my Medical degree which is more clinical based (more time on the wards, less time in the classroom).

  • I fell head-over-heels with Dan (he'll probably feature in a few of my posts) and we moved into our first house together.

  • I actually started using the stagnant gym membership I opened during my first year of university and love the impact it has had on my body and confidence.

  • I began following a vegan lifestyle and will never look back.

  • I fell in love with cooking (and eating) and spend a large amount of my time creating tasty recipes.

  • I came out of my shell and branched out, meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.

  • I went blonde. Okay, I know that isn't really a drastic life change but it's something I'd always wanted to try!

  • I started taking more 'me time', it's all about maintaining that work-life balance.

Looking back at the past few years of my life, I never imagined that I would be where I am today. I have grown so much in terms of happiness, confidence and strength and I'm so excited to share my experiences (even if it's only my mum who reads them).

My main inspiration for starting this blog is to inspire people to eat more plants - So my posts will largely revolve around cooking (and eating) plant-based meals and discussing other aspects of my vegan lifestyle.

Travelling is another huge part of my life, whether it is on my own, with Dan or with my family, there is nothing I find more exciting than exploring somewhere new and I want to be able to share some useful travel experiences and tips.

Other parts of my life I hope to write about include exercise and building a strong and healthy body, my insane love for DIY and decor (no one should have let me move into my own house), and any exciting life experiences that may happen in the future.

It is so important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new. Life is short so do the things that make you happy, whether that is trying something new, going on adventures, or starting a blog.

What's the worst that could happen right?