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Little Green Social, Newcastle

On my first trip to Newcastle, as with every city I visit for the first time, I always like to pre-plan where I am going to eat - just to make sure I don't miss anything extra special! Yes, some may say I am a little food-obsessed, but it is well worth it, especially when I find gems such as Little Green Social.


The Location

Little Green Social Newcastle

Little Green Social is a small family-run vegan bistro, bar, and health food shop, located close to Newcastle's city centre, in Sandyford. Their reputation for quality ethical food is well known amongst the British vegan community, with their home-cooked meals earning them a spot in The Times 30 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the UK.

Little Green Social is one of the only fully vegan restaurants in Newcastle, which I find a little surprising for such a large city. Although it may be a little out of your way (approximately a 20-minute walk from the centre), if, like me, you crave high-quality vegan food then it is well worth the walk, because no one makes vegan food quite like vegans do.


The Atmosphere

Little Green Social Newcastle

Little Green Social have managed to create a space which has a cosy feel without losing the lively social atmosphere which comes with dining out. Filled with warming colours, cosy furnishings, and lots of plants, I immediately felt welcomed into this family-run bistro.

The servers were extremely friendly and attentive, which really added to the homely experience. I particularly liked their range of seating options available, accommodating everyone from groups out for diner, to friends catching up on the sofas, and to the students, like me, who enjoy sitting at window seats with a coffee doing work on our laptops (if only I didn't live so far away).

Little Green Social Newcastle

The Food

When eating out, I often struggle to decide what to order, usually because everything on the menu looks so enticing, and Little Green Social was no exception. Their varied menu includes wraps, burgers, pizzas, salads, and plenty of sweet treats. They also offer a Lunchtime Tapas menu which they described as a fusion of Far and Middle Eastern food with a splash of Mediterranean - I was instantly sold as this was the perfect way for me to experience a range of what they have on offer, whilst satisfying my curiously large appetite.

Little Green Social Newcastle

I was most excited to try their Kimchi Pancakes since I love kimchi, and I am pleased to say they did not disappoint! The pancakes were light and drizzled with a spicy sauce, and the classic kimchi flavour shone through, without overpowering the dish - Definitely my favourite!

Their Vietnamese Summer Rolls were filled to the brim with fresh crunchy vegetables (just how it should be). Accompanied with a peanut crumb and sweet tamari sauce, this was the perfect light summery dish I would happily order again and again.

Intrigued by their Indonesian-inspired dish, I ordered the Gado Gado Vegetables which included delicious seasonal vegetables with a spicy peanut sauce dressing, served with a crunchy rice cracker. Vegetables are often overlooked on tapas menus, however this is a dish definitely not to be ignored.

Their Maple and Harissa Aubergine was the ideal combination of sweet and spicy flavours, topped with vegan tzatziki, pomegranate, and nuts. The glaze was perfectly soaked up by the aubergine chunks, making for a beautifully flavourful tapas dish.

Since I was a little chilly outside, I opted for their Soup Bowl, which on this occasion was tomato soup. The rich and creamy flavours elevated this classic dish, and no soup is complete without a slice of toasted sourdough bread, perfect for dunking.

The final dish was their Sweetcorn Fritters which made for a tasty addition to the tapas selection. They reminded me a little of a vegetable burger patty (in a good way). Each bite was perfectly crisp and they were packed full with flavour, served with a chilli sauce,

Now have you ever seen a tapas plate look as pretty as this?

Little Green Social Newcastle

In addition to their extensive food options, Little Green Social has an array of vegan-friendly products available for purchase in their store, including health foods, natural cosmetics, ecological cleaning products, and an ethical refill scheme. There are also one-to-one consultations available with resident nutritionist Gareth Zeal, who specialises in allergies, immune conditions, and gut health.

Little Green Social Newcastle

Thank you for reading my review of my visit to Little Green Social. If you live close by or happen to be passing through the city of Newcastle, it is well worth a trip to this homely vegan bistro for some quality nourishing food.

Josie xox


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