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Vegan Food in Prague

A travellers guide to the best vegan places to eat whilst visiting Prague.

After being named in the top 5 cities with the most vegan restaurants per capita in the world, I had extremely high hopes for my trip to Prague.

There are more than 50 vegan eateries around the city, so before we went I planned out the days to make sure we were able to visit as many as possible during our short stay (a little sad, I know). Thankfully I was not disappointed.

We had 3 days of incredible food whilst exploring one of Europe's most beautiful cities, what more could you want in a holiday? Here are our tried and tested recommendations (plus a few extras) for tasty vegan food when visiting Prague.


The Bowls

The Bowls is a unique vegan-friendly cafe located conveniently just down the road from where we stayed. They have a large selection of Instagram-worthy dishes including smoothies, salads and poke bowls, it's impossible not to be that person that takes endless food pictures. The servers were extremely friendly and helpful when giving advice about what to order. We were both tempted by the sweet smoothie bowls and ordered the acai bowl and maca cacao bowl. Both were beautifully presented, incredibly tasty and surprisingly filling, a perfect start to the day.



Forkys Prague

I am definitely a junk-food vegan at heart. After exploring Old Town, the lure of Forkys plant-based bistro was too great for us to pass up. Expecting the greasy, fatty meals that are standard when going to a fast food chain, I was surprised at how impressive the food actually was.

We ordered the bangers & mash which was a delicious take on the traditional English dish and the cheez burger which was definitely the best one I've tasted so far, the cheese actually tasted like cheddar and not like the smell of cheesy feet (like most vegan cheese).

Generous portion sizes and a wide range of choice including burgers, hotdogs, kebabs and RIBS, even my omni other-half Dan was convinced this is a must-eat spot for anyone visiting Prague (vegan or not).

Forkys Prague

MLS Waffle Point U Kajetana

It's pretty much impossible to go to Prague and not see a Trdelnik. For those that don't know, a Trdelnik or 'chimney cake' is a popular pastry made by wrapping dough round a stick and grilling it (I'd never heard of them either). There is an abundance of them in all the major touristy area and when venturing to Prague Castle I was lucky enough to find MLS Waffle point U Kajetána, a cafe which sold a vegan Trdelnik (thank you Happy Cow!). I'm also pretty sure it's the only vegan one in Prague, although I may be wrong. It was sweet, warm and crisp, everything I'd hoped for. Sadly none of the fillings were vegan, however I was still grateful to be able to try one and avoid major fear of missing out.



In search of more veganised Czech food we ventured to Plevel, a welcoming restaurant with a seasonally changing menu. A meal that you will often see advertised in restaurants round Prague is Goulash, a rich hearty stew perfect for those colder days. I was excited to try Plevels take on this popular dish, as recommended by the restaurant owner, and it was simply beautiful. The 'meat' was so scarily convincing, I actually double checked on Google that we were at a vegan restaurant (panic over)! Dan ordered their Thai yellow curry which was equally as delicious. Overall a very satisfying meal and a delightful restaurant that I would recommend to anyone wanting to dine in a more peaceful part of town.



Puro Prague

During the day I often get very snacky so I was so grateful to stumble across Puro. This cosy vegan cafe has a large selection of sandwiches, wraps, soups and desserts, making it the ideal lunch spot. They also have a daily menu which can be viewed on their website.

I'm a sucker for everything chocolate and bought a chocolate cookie which was beautifully crisp and perfectly satisfied my craving. Next time I visit Prague I'd love to return to try out their tempting savoury options.


MyRaw Café

I have attempted making some of my own raw dishes back home, but I am yet to fully embrace the raw vegan hype. However after having a slice of the raw chocolate cake at MyRaw Café, I can't see why I'd ever need to cook anything ever again! The popular cafe provides a range of indulgent raw vegan cakes and desserts and is perfectly located in the heart of Old Town. In addition to sweet treats they also have options for light bites, dinner and even a 'taster menu' which includes a selection of savoury and mini dessert choices, perfect for people who can't make up their mind and want to try a bit of everything. After a long day, I bought a slice of cake to take-away and sat cosied in bed watching Netflix. I tried a bite... then another... and another and devoured the entire slice in under 10 seconds (so much for my movie snack, eh). Rich and super creamy, I am definitely a new lover of raw cake and cannot wait to try make my own. If you have time, MyRaw also have a great looking cooking course which teaches you how to create their amazing raw desserts.



After missing pancake day I made it my mission to find some good vegan pancakes during our stay in Prague, and boy did we find the best damn pancakes. Satsang is a small vegan and vegetarian bistro located a short tram ride away from the city centre. The decor was very boho-chic making it the perfect setting for a cute brunch date. Better yet, all their food is sourced locally! I ordered the perfectly fluffy american style pancakes, topped with strawberry, banana and maple syrup (the best combo). They also have an insane looking build-your-own tofu scramble option which sadly wasn't available on our visit, in addition to a large selection of main meals including curry and mezze. They even have vegan wine to wash it all down, although probably not the best idea for breakfast...


Creme de la creme

Creme de la creme Prague

The name says it all really, definitely the best ice cream in Prague (and perhaps ever). We stumbled across Crème de la Crème by total accident on our first day exploring and returned another 2 times during our trip.

As already mentioned, I'm a massive chocoholic and the dark chocolate gelato did not disappoint, it was thick, decadent and I was so glad for their generous portion sizes. They have a large selection of vegan flavours including caramel, peanut, various sorbet flavours and even vegan cakes.

The cosiness of the store meant that during peak times it can difficult to get a seat however they are open late (as with many places to eat in Prague) or obviously there is the option to take away to eat whilst wandering the city.



Situated on the front of the river Vltava is Herbivore, a charming cafe and vegan food store. They have a great selection of healthy smoothies and juices, but their crowning jewel is definitely the weigh-and-pay style buffet, which provides an amazing variety of vegan food which alternates daily (regularly updated on their Facebook page). There was everything from curry to salad to pasta, all very fresh and all very tasty! If I was a local this would definitely be my health food store of choice, they had so much choice including sweet treats, cooking ingredients and even a vegan wine cellar. I was like a child in a sweet shop and bought some vegan gummies for the plane ride home.



Okay so I'm not a coffee drinker, I like herbal and fruit teas but when it comes to coffee I'm completely useless. Dan on the other hand it a big coffee nerd. He likes to spend his time going to quirky coffee shops, drinking fancy-ass coffee on his mac book (typical hipster, I know). Because he followed me around to all my vegan restaurants (with minimal complaints) it was only fair to go to a couple coffee shops too.

La Bohème Café is a botanical paradise providing high-quality coffee in a homely atmosphere. Dan ordered the Matcha latte with oat milk, which I didn't mind (since it didn't actually contain any coffee). We could have easily spend hours here just relaxing in the peaceful environment.

Pauseteria is a small piece of serenity in the touristy chaos of Old Town. It combined the cool vibe of upmarket coffee shop with the friendliness of a small cafe and provided a number of vegan options for drinks and a daily vegan soup. Dan ordered a v60 (it came in a glass beaker which reminded me of school science lessons), he said was great so I'll have to take his word for it. Definitely worth a visit for a quick break after visiting Pragues attractions.


Other worthy mentions

Sadly we only had 3 days in Prague so we only able to sample a small selection of the incredible vegan food Prague has to offer. I could easily come back again and here would be some of the places I'd love to try:

  • Blue vegan pig - We found this quirky doughnut store on the way back from Plevel and one of my biggest regrets from the trip is not buying one to try. They had an impressive array of vegan doughnuts, and cakes which can be made to order. Moral of the story, buy the dessert (trust me, there's always room).

  • Moment - I am genuinely gutted we didn't manage to make it to Moment (another reason to plan a second trip to Prague...). With an amazing reputation amongst the vegan community, they are the perfect brunch spot serving omelettes, scrambled tofu, seitan bagels, wraps and desserts.

  • Loving Hut - There are several Loving Hut restaurants scattered across Prague offering an Asian style buffet and menu. The main reason we didn't eat here was because it's a chain restaurant that can be found worldwide, including a couple in England, but this is definitely somewhere I would love to try sometime soon.

  • Vegan's Prague - Situated in Mala Strana, we walked past it on our way to Prague Castle. After a quick look at the menu we decided to give it a miss due to it only being a small menu and hearing mixed reviews. But don't take my word for it, if you're heading up to that area then definitely check out the menu and see for yourself.


Thank you for reading, I hope you've found my short guide to Vegan food in Prague helpful! For more information about my trip to Prague see my blog post 3 Days in Prague.

Josie xox


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