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Crafted, Hull

As a vegan student living in Hull, I am well versed in the local bars and restaurants, particularly those which offer tasty food without breaking the bank. Crafted pride themselves on high quality, naughty food and for a restaurant which largely caters for omnivores, they definitely do not neglect their plant based options and really set the bar for how vegan junk food should be done.


The Location

Crafted Hull

Crafted is a restaurant and bar located on Princes Avenue in Hull, UK. For those who are not from around these parts, Hull is perhaps not the first place that would come to mind when thinking of places to sample new vegan delicacies. However, luckily for me, it is fast becoming a vegan hot spot with a wide range of bars, cafes and restaurants offering impressive cruelty-free selections.

Crafted is perfectly located in the avenues, a busy area of Hull with a large student population and well known for its many lively restaurants and bars. With its simple yet bold exterior, it is hard to pass by without being drawn in by Crafted, even if it is just for a drink or two.


The Atmosphere

Crafted Hull

From the exterior, Crafted appears to be a cosy and intimate venue. However there is a surprisingly large seating area which extends back alongside the bar and outside in front of the restaurant which is ideal for warmer days. The interior decor gives off an industrial chic vibe with exposed brickwork and warm pendant lamps, which really fits well with their upmarket junk food brand.

When dining at restaurants, I am often met with sighs and shrugs when I question which vegan options are available. This was not the case at Crafted, all the staff were incredibly knowledgeable about their menu choices, pointing out which items were suitable for vegans and even offering their own recommendations.

Crafted Hull

The Food

I was pleasantly surprised by the large selection of choices available, despite not being a vegan restaurant. It was difficult to pick one or two things as there were so many tempting options on their menu so we tried to sample as much as our stomachs could take, it was so worth it.

Crafted Hull

Patties are a local Hull delicacy and sold in abundance throughout the city. In case you haven't heard of them before, patties are bite-sized herbed mashed potatoes which have been battered and deep fried, aka heaven. I was so excited that Crafted make patties suitable for vegans and I was not disappointed, they were deliciously crispy and perfectly seasoned, definitely living up to Hulls pattie reputation.

Crafted Hull

As one of my all time favourite dishes, I just had to sample some of their homemade vegan mac and cheese. The sauce was delicate yet flavourful, and finished with crispy onion which perfectly complemented the creamy sauce. This is a vegan dish that would convert even the biggest of cheese lovers.

Crafted Hull

Crafted have two vegan friendly burgers on their menu. The first is a smoky chipotle black bean burger, topped with citrus pickled onion, salsa and vegannaise. Simple yet bold, it is a delicious take on the classic vegan bean burger.

Crafted Hull

The second of the burgers, and my personal favourite, is the plant burger. A delicious meaty beetroot and potato patty with spicy chilli relish, crispy onions and sweet onions, it had a perfect balance of complementing flavours and textures. Despite struggling to get my mouth round it, it was honestly one of the best vegan burgers I've tasted, I mean just look how incredible it looks!

Crafted Hull

You can't go for burgers without having a side of chips, although I definitely would not call these chips a side dish... Crafted offer loaded skin-on chips in both small and large portions (naturally I went for the large). We opted for the vegan naughty, topped with salsa, spicy jalapenos, homemade guacamole, gerkins, pickled onions and coriander, my god it was naughty but I'd have no hesitation ordering it again and again. You can also have their delicious chips in a warm vegan beer cheese sauce!

Crafted Hull

In addition, they also have a selection of vegan friendly beverages which are the perfect accompaniment to their amazing vegan food options. Their impressively well stocked-bar offers a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including spirits, fruity cocktails and tap beers.

Thank you for reading my review of Crafted, I'd recommend paying a visit if you ever venture to Hull to sample some of their incredible vegan junk food.

Josie xox


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