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Humblest of Pleasures, Hebden Bridge

During a passing visit to the small town of Hebden Bridge we stopped for a late lunch at Humblest of Pleasures, a small vegan cafe which reputation precedes itself. I'd been desperate to pay a visit after seeing a buzz about how amazing the food was on social media, and the experience truly was a pleasure (pardon the pun)...


The Location

Humblest of Pleasures Hebden Bridge

Humblest of Pleasures is a fully vegan cafe located on Market Street in the idilic town of Hebden Bridge, UK. Hebden Bridge is a quirky market town located in West Yorkshire, near where I grew up. Well known for being a place of inclusivity and community (and not forgetting the setting of the TV crime drama Happy Valley), Hebden Bridge has been voted one of the world's funkiest towns, making it an ideal spot for a cruelty-free cafe.

This small town is full of a vast array of independent shops, each offering something unique to the local community. It is heavily saturated with a large variety of eateries yet this cafe has no problem standing out, with its super instagramable neon sign catching the eyes of everyone who passes by.


The Atmosphere

From the exposed brickwork to the quirky artwork, this cafe had a very rustic yet modern vibe. Despite having a cool industrial feel, it surprisingly felt warm and cosy, making it an ideal spot to stop for a bite to eat.

Humblest of Pleasures Hebden Bridge

The cafe has an 'order at the counter' type service which I love because it always takes me ages to decide what I want from the menu. All the staff were extremely friendly and keen to answer the questions I had about the food, I mainly wanted to know where was the amazing cheese from because good vegan cheese is hard to come by (it was violife cheddar in case you were wondering).

Humblest of Pleasures Hebden Bridge

We ate mid afternoon and it was relatively quiet, however because the cafe itself is rather small I imagine it can get super busy late morning to early afternoon. To avoid disappointment during peak times it may be worth booking a table, which you can do through their website.


The Food

The food was absolutely divine. There is no better way to describe it really, the photographs really speak for themselves. We ordered a selection to sample a few different items from the menu and all were just as good as each other.

Humblest of Pleasures Hebden Bridge

Being a huge lover of all things beetroot, I ordered the beetroot salad bowl which consisted of beetroot balls, beet hummous, quinoa, salad, avocado and pink pitta. It was an ideal dish for the hot summer weather, full of lots of flavour and nutrients, I'd have no hesitations ordering it again.

Dan ordered loaded chickn burger, which was topped with facon, violife cheddar and onion rings. The homemade seitan chickn was absolutely delicious but it was the facon that really stole the show, and I was so impressed to learn they make it themselves (and also a little sad because I would have bought so much of it).

We also ordered a side of mac and cheese to share (which was also available as a larger main portion). It was rich, super creamy and definitely one of the better vegan mac and cheeses I've tasted, I could easily have polished off the larger bowl.

In addition to their extensive food options they also have a selection of freshly baked goods which are temptingly arranged on the counter making it impossible to resist. On the day we visited they had a selection of homemade cakes, doughnuts and other indulgent treats. Despite being full to the brim, we gave into temptation and took away a gorgeous cinnamon bun to eat whilst exploring the town.

Humblest of Pleasures Hebden Bridge

If you so happen to be passing by earlier on in the day, this cafe is also the perfect brunch spot with an amazing looking breakfast menu served until 11:30am (or all day sunday). This includes a full english breakfast, french toast and pancakes (OMG). I'll definitely be returning to sample these.

Humblest of Pleasures Hebden Bridge

Thank you for reading my review of this cute little vegan cafe and I'd recommend paying a visit to Humblest of Pleasures if you are ever in the area, you definitely will not regret it.

Josie xox


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