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Industry, Hull

I never thought that I would feel spoilt for choice for vegan options to eat out in Hull. There are plenty of places which offer the token vegan meal, usually consisting of falafel and hummus. Yet what we seem to be lacking is good quality vegan pub grub, and that is exactly where Industry fits in. Hosting a fully vegan menu, Industry provides a selection of traditional pub meals mixed with more experimental dishes, offering something for everyone to enjoy.


The Location

Industry is a brand new restaurant and bar located on Newland Avenue in Hull, UK. The Avenues are central student territory and home to a large variety of independent shops, bars and restaurants, making it an ideal location for this quirky cruelty-free eatery. Despite still being in its early stages after only recently opening, Industry offers high quality food and a host of well priced drinks, it is destined to be flooded by students come the end of summer.


The Atmosphere

Currently Industry is in the stages of shaping it's Hull-inspired interior to reflect the city where it is based. The venue is large yet doesn't lose that cosy homely feel, and my favourite feature has to be the wall completely covered in a fairy lights, providing the perfect spot for those candid girls night out pictures (see my attempt below).

The restaurant is run by an incredibly lovely couple who went out of their way to make the dining experience top notch. Speaking with the chef, I was really surprised to learn he himself is not vegan (yet) but decided to make the entire menu fully plant-based as he enjoys the challenge of experimenting with new ingredients and flavours. I've never met an Omnivore more passionate about vegan food - The detail and effort he puts in to perfecting every one of his dishes is extremely admirable and I am so excited to see how this will shape the future of Industry.


The Food

When looking through Industry's menu I couldn't help but smile. It is full of hearty pub food, many of which I don't see often on vegan menus. On this occasion I sampled their vegan steak and banana blossom fish, along with a side of onion rings. I could have happily ordered everything on offer and will return without question to try the remaining dishes.

Ordering vegan steak at restaurants can be very hit or miss, but thankfully this was a very big hit. Cooked to absolute perfection, Industry generously plated not one, but two Vivera steaks (yay for large portion sizes!). The sides perfectly complemented the faux meat; with the most incredible homemade triple cooked chips and a good variety of extras, you definitely leave feeling fully satisfied.

For me, one of the most exciting parts about Industry is their test kitchen. Every Thursday the chef prepares a new experimental dish for half price and, based on customer feedback, the dish may be added along side their existing menu.

On my visit, Banana Blossom Fish and Chips were on offer. I was so excited to try this since I've only ever tried tofu as a fish replacement. The 'fish' texture from the banana blossom was so incredibly flakey and the batter was perfectly crisp, just like you would expect chip shop fish to be. Again served with their amazing homemade chips and a hefty portion of mushy peas, this is seaside vegan comfort food that can be enjoyed throughout the year, rain or shine. I was so pleased to hear this dish will also be making a permanent appearance on their menu.

Thankfully I managed to save a little room to squeeze in a side of onion rings. Coated in the same batter used for the banana blossom fish, they were the perfect onion rings - amazingly crisp, golden and yet again another generous portion. Industry offers a range of sides to accompany their meals, if you're feeling brave enough there is the option to try their jalapeno poppers which I have been warned have a deliciously spicy kick, perfect for any lover of heat.

If you are still hungry after eating (which I doubt anyone could be), there is also the option to indulge in a dessert from their specials board which rotates regularly.

Industry pays great attention to the beverages on offer and hosts an impressive drinks menu with student-friendly prices. They offer two cocktails for only £10 and larger pitchers at £15, making it a great spot to start (or end) a good night out. They have even concocted a vegan White Russian, using Oatly Cream as a replacement! They also stock a range of vegan friendly spirits, beers and soft drinks.

If you are local to the Hull area you can order all their incredible food online to enjoy from the comfort of your own home, ideal for those days where you just want to stay in.

Thank you for reading my review of Industry, I am so excited that more and more restaurants are making the decision to become fully vegan. I'd definitely recommend paying a visit for an amazing selection of homely vegan comfort food and a cocktail (or two)...

Josie xox


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