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Temple of Fun, Sheffield

In the heart of the Steal City of Sheffield lies Church - Temple of Fun, an ambitious project from Bring Me the Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes. The ideal rockstars playground, Temple of Fun is a live music venue, video game arcade, Drop Dead clothing outlet, tattoo studio, and vegan street food restaurant - The easier question to ask would be 'Is there anything they don't do?'


The Location

Temple of Fun Sheffield

Church - Temple of Fun is housed in the Osborn Works, a listed industrial building located in the Kelham area of Sheffield. Sheffield is a large metropolitan city in South Yorkshire, well known for it's steel and manufacturing history. It is also the home town of the rock band Bring Me The Horizon, one of my favourite bands growing up, so my inner fan-girl was extremely excited visit the singers 100% vegan-friendly venue.

Make No Bones Sheffield

Situated alongside the River Don, the buildings exterior looks surprisingly ordinary, passers by probably wouldn't think twice about what might be concealed inside. It is the ideal location for the Make No Bones Eatery, a fully vegan street food kitchen, which is every bit as unique as its setting.


The Atmosphere

Temple of Fun Sheffield
Temple of Fun Sheffield

What makes Temple of Fun a really unique experience is without a doubt the setting. The venue really brings the grittiness of the city inside, reflecting the industrial vibes through steel beams and exposed brickwork. The stained glass windows, blub lights and vibrant floral decor add splashes of colour which perfectly contrast with the hard steel, creating a cool yet quirky atmosphere.

The buildings various ventures all interlink which makes it feel almost like an adult amusement park. My favourite aspect has to be the variety of gaming features with both futuristic gaming pods and retro arcade games, I could have easily spent a full day here.


The Food

Make No Bones is famed for its creative vegan street food and had been on my list to visit for quite some time. Not only was each dish absolutely stunning (I mean just look at those photos) but it was also by far some of the most incredible vegan food I've ever tasted. The menu was so extensive we had such a hard time just picking a few things to order, from burgers and loaded fries to salads and sides, I could happily eat here again and again.

Temple of Fun Sheffield

Off the regular menu we ordered the Big Make burger; featuring two delicious 2oz Moving Mountains B12 patties and topped with cheese and all the regular burger dressings, it was the perfect classic burger with that extra special twist. Usually this burger comes in a charcoal black bun, however since we visited close to the Pride celebrations it was spiced up with a beautiful rainbow bun, making it the perfect instagrammable burger. There is also the option to upgrade to Beyond Meat patties for an additional £2.

Temple of Fun Sheffield

As a Canadian girl I couldn't resist ordering Poutine Fries, one of the many options for their loaded fries. Topped with crispy seitan bacon pieces and sausage then smothered in almond cheese curd and rich southern-style gravy it was some of the best Poutine I've tasted. It even looked incredible, something which is hard to do with a messy dish like Poutine.

Temple of Fun Sheffield

In addition to their regular mains, Make No Bones currently have a special Saints and Sinners menu which offers saintly light bites and contrasting sinful treats - I was so torn between the two I just had to go for one from each!

From the saints menu I ordered the Cali bowl, a stunning buddha bowl consisting of roasted vegetables, grains and seeds with a citrus tahini dressing. I found it so hard to start this meal simply because I didn't want to ruin the delicately placed food. This dish was so light and fragrant with a sharp lemony zest, I couldn't have pictured a more perfect summer dish.

Temple of Fun Sheffield

From the Sinners dishes I ordered the Korean BBQ Style 'chicken'. Coated in a golden breadcrumb batter, the chicken was beautifully crisp and the spicy korean sauce was the perfect addition to elevate the dish. There is also the option to get this dish as crispy fried cauliflower, but fake meats are always my number one choice, especially when they taste this good.

Temple of Fun Sheffield

In addition to their incredible food options, Temple of Fun also has a fully vegan bar with a large selection of spirits, beers and wines (Sadly I was the designated driver on this occasion). If you so happen to be passing by earlier in the day, they also offers a brunch menu served from 10:00am until 11:30am on the weekend. This includes hearty breakfasts such as a classic full english and a sausage and egg muffin, the perfect way to start the weekend.

Temple of Fun Sheffield

Thank you for reading my review of my visit to Temple of Fun. This is definitely an eating experience that should be on every vegan (and non-vegan) bucket list. If you're ever passing by Sheffield it's definitely worth paying a visit for next-level vegan street food and a unique dining experience.

Josie xox


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